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What is trans?

At Gendered Intelligence we use ‘Trans’ as a term that identifies the spectrum of those who feel that their assigned sex at birth does not match or sit easily with their sense of self. It encompasses transsexuals, transgender people, transvestites / cross dressers, and anyone who challenges gender norms. It may be that a trans person feels more the “opposite” sex and so may choose to use medical intervention in order to align their body with their mind, their outside appearance with their internal feelings.

Cross dressers / transvestites (or ‘dual role’ people) may dress to express the more masculine or feminine side of themselves, or simply because they find those clothes more comfortable.
Genderqueer describes someone who identifies their gender as other than ‘man’ or ‘woman’, or someone who identifies as neither, both, or some combination thereof. Some genderqueer people may identify as a third gender or move between gender descriptions in a fluid way.  Genderqueer as a political term challenges the binary of gender and heteronormativity. Significantly, reclamation of the historically derogative term ‘queer’ has not been universal.
Overall, ‘Trans’ also is a generic term for the area for trans identities, and is used in academic areas, such as Trans Studies

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