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Hacking into the Science Museum

Hormone pill packet

Some trans people wish to have hormone therapy. This medical treatment is overseen by endocrinologists. Endocrinology is the study of the effect of hormones on our bodies. Hormone therapy involves taking synthetic sex hormones to suppress certain characteristics or encourage others. Those wishing to further masculinise their bodies administer testosterone. The effects of this, amongst others, are to deepen the voice, induce facial hair growth, generate more muscle mass and generally shift fat distribution more to the waist. Those wishing to feminise their bodies take androgen and oestrogen, which reduces facial hair growth, produces some breast tissue and shifts fat distribution to the hips and bum. These effects can be welcomed by transgender people, but not all trans people wish to take hormones.

This tray of pills for Hormone Replacement Therapy is the first taken by one of the young trans female participants. About it she said

“Hormone therapy was incredibly important for me. It marked the turning point in my health and happiness. Having the wrong hormones in my body was incredibly painful both physically and mentally. Getting the right ones gave me the relief I needed to live a fulfilling life.”


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