Who Am I?

Hacking into the Science Museum

Cultural objects

Badges, cartoons, flyers and posters are some of the paraphernalia that trans people have pinned to their closets and bedroom walls. The objects here demonstrate a wide variety of cultural items and events that allow trans people to explore who they are.

One participant said,

‘There is a rich culture within the trans community and being trans is not just about going through medical processes.’

BMO – phonetically spelled Beemo – is a character from the children’s cartoon ‘Adventure Time’. BMO is portrayed as having no gender or as genderfluid. In one of the episodes all the characters’ genders are swapped but BMO remains the same. Throughout the show BMO is referred equally as male/female.

One participant said,

‘BMO is important because she shows that you can have a character whose gender fluctuates without it being presented as a problem, the other characters all accept BMO’s varying gender without questioning him and without reacting as if she’s in any way unusual.’


Finn, the main character from the show, is also female in one of his past lives. There’s also an episode called ‘princess cookie’ about a male cookie (most of the characters in the show are made of candy) who wants to be a princess which is a really interesting episode.


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