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Hacking into the Science Museum

Mzz Kimberley

Mzz Kimberley is a singer and performer from the United States, now living in the UK. She has become one of the UK’s most fashionable artistes and was winner of 2011 BOYZ award for best cabaret artist.

Mzz Kimberley can be seen around London town, Europe, Czech Republic, Russia, Australia, Sweden, Israel, and the United States with her one woman live cabaret show, singing jazz,  Gospel, blues and torch songs accompanied by her musical director Richard Link.

Mzz Kimberley studied musical theatre at the City Lit Institute in London and acting at the New York Academy of Theatre Arts under the direction of Philip Nolan. With a powerful  belting voice and broad vocal range, she entertains her audiences with a wide repertoire of musical genres. Mzz Kimberley ’s voice has been compared many times to Bassey and Tina Turner.

Mzz Kimberley  has performed  in  London’s supperclub, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, The Brompton Club,  Shoreditch House, Freedom Bar, Bar Solo,  Bethnal Green Men’s Working Club, Shadow Lounge, The Cellar Door, Arts Theatre, Century Club,  & the glamorous Pigalle. Mzz Kimberley also performs with  United Harmony Gospel Choir. The Guildhall in Derby, New Stein hotel  and Marlborough  theatre in Brighton. Mzz Kimberley is nominated for  best vocal 2014 London Cabaret award.

One of our young participants said,

“I really identify with Mzz Kimberley because my journey really reflects hers, as she began as a drag queen but is now trans. Speaking to her about the hardships she has faced as a trans woman really resonated with me but then hearing how she overcame these hardships sent me on my way feeling inspired to be true to myself.”

kim and CJ


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