Who Am I?

Hacking into the Science Museum

Serge Nicholson

Serge Nicholson is a Trans* arts  producer with an interest in the making of sex positive trans* and queer work. He is a CliniQ  trans* sexual health & wellbeing service volunteer and a Counselling training student. He has been co-director of the short film ‘Trans Guys Are…” 2012 made in partnership with Galop and co-founder of hotpencil press, publisher and editor of ‘There Is No Word For It’, 2011 – a collection of verbatim monologues gathered from trans masculine contributors. This was originally performed on stage with a cast of five trans men as ‘The (Trans) Mangina Monologues’ in 2009. Serge was also co-producer of the Transfabulous Festival of International Transgender Arts 2005-2008.

One of the participants who interviewed Serge said

“I found it useful to talk to a trans person who is of a different generation.”

serge and embry


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