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Gendered Intelligence

Our mission at Gendered Intelligence is to increase understanding of gender diversity through creative ways. We believe diverse gender expressions should be made more visible and valued. We runs arts programmes, creative workshops, mentoring, and youth group sessions for transgender youth under the age of twenty-five. We also train professionals and support families of young trans people.


Our Aims

  • Increase the quality of trans people’s life experiences, especially those of young trans people
  • Increase the visibility of trans people’s lives and raise awareness of trans people’s needs, especially those of young trans people, across the UK and beyond
  • Contribute to the creation of community cohesion across the whole of the trans community and the wider LGBT community throughout the UK
  • Engage the wider community in understanding the diversity and complexity of gender


Who We Work With

  • Young trans people from across the UK – engaging creatively with identities and communities in arts based programmes
  • Professionals who are looking for guidance and support with regards to trans issues
  • Young people in schools and other settings – engaging creatively in themes of gender
  • The wider trans community through our community conferences, social and cultural events

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